I have yet to visit and I hear great things, but am wondering, is this the future of Legends Casino? A poker table full of players, six-feet apart, wearing masks, partitioned by clear plastic walls. Now THAT's a party!

The same could be said of all casinos - Reno, Atlantic City, Vegas. This could be how we gamble in the future.


Casino Post Rona

How will life look Post Rona? Is this a preview of coming attractions?

Not sure. Obviously we will have less contact. Less intimacy. Less interaction. Less on one one time. I mean, that's an introverts paradise right there!

But is that good for us as people? Should we stop our lives due to a bug? Yes there is a slim/small chance it could kill you, but hey, what can't?

As much as we hate to admit it, we are immortal. You are going to die (sorry to spoil your ending). We take risks every day. Going outside. Driving a car. Going to work. Flying in a plane. Life is risk. At what point do we withdraw and stop living? At what point do we say, "Enough of this quarantine, I am going to a dinner party!"


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Honestly, the gambling pic above scares me. I don't know what life is like sans intimacy, human contact and face-to-face conversations. It sounds horrible. Sterile. Dystopian (that’s a fancy word for "this is what 'Hunger Games' looked like"). I don’t know about you, but that looked miserable.

When can we hug again? Not sure, but when we do, remember this -  it will be the sweetest hug - ever.

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