It all started years ago when Colleen Page was 10 years old and her family adopted a new dog, a shorkie named Sheltie. Years later, she declared that day "National Dog Day" and the movement caught on and grew viral.

When I was 2 years old, my parents adopted a German shepherd named King. He used to live in the house with us until my mom saw him licking my baby bottle one day. She thought King was taking the bottle away from me and she was upset. Then one day, she walked in the living room and saw me looking around my shoulders both ways to see if anyone was coming and then I said "Here, King!" and gave him my bottle. So it turns out that I was giving King my bottle, he wasn't taking it from me! King was the best doggy in the world and he was my best friend, and I still miss him so ... all these years later.

Let's celebrate your "best friend" -- post a pic of your dog below. Past or present!

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