“People who mispronounce Oregon shouldn’t be allowed to visit.” - LimeSugar via Reddit

Hey, you! Have you been saying these Oregon town names wrong all along?

6 Oregon Town Names You've Been Saying Wrong
6 Oregon Town Names You've Been Saying Wrong, Canva


It’s time to find out. I’m here to help prevent you from embarrassing yourself, unless you prefer standing out like a sore thumb to the locals!

You should share this handy memo with your friends and family so that they, too, won’t get blank stares, eye rolls, and stifled giggles from Oregon locals when they try to pronounce city names.

Oregon is a lovely place to live and visit. The lush greenery and peaceful Pacific Northwest air is a huge draw.

It contains a great international airport, Voodoo Donuts rule, bikes are better ways to get around than cars, and Oregonians like to put pickles, birds, and mushrooms on everything!

They also don’t have to pay sales tax!


Let’s first start with the state’s name, Oregon. It’s not pronounced as Or-uh-GONE.

As one Redditor explained it, “Oregon isn’t Oregoin’ anywhere!”

Comment byu/Qiqz from discussion inlinguistics

The correct pronunciation of the state is OR-uh-gun. As in, OR-egon is the #4 state in the country for gun purchases. (True fact!)

While you’re here, check out this hilarious article about city names in Oregon that kind of make us giggle (in an immature and childish way, you have been forewarned). It’s a cheeky little list!

DIG DEEPER: TOP 7 Really Naughty Sounding Town Names in Oregon

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular mispronounced cities in Oregon, and get you saying them the right way!

6 Oregon Cities You've Been Saying Wrong! Get It Right!

Here are the correct pronunciations of some of the most mispronounced places. We'll tell you how to say them correctly. Now you won't stand out like a touristy sore thumb to the locals in Oregon.

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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