Some very important fund-raising efforts are still underway in Yakima and your donations are needed to reach the goal.

The Children's Health Capital Campaign seeks a much-needed expansion of Children's Village in Yakima, as well as vital upgrades to the Family Birthplace, led by the Memorial Foundation.

The Children's Health Capital Campaign - by Memorial Foundation

Today, on Good Morning Yakima with Brian Stephenson and Rob Vickers on Newstalk KIT, we had Tressa Mercy and Brad Hansen as in-studio guests. As Co-Chairs of the CHAMPs Campaign, they came in to talk about this effort for children’s health care in our community led by The Memorial Foundation.

We learned that they have only $4 million left to raise to reach their $15 million goal and they need everyone’s help to get there. Donations both large and small, from businesses, families, or individuals all add up.

What Does CHAMPS Stand For?

CHAMPS stands for Children’s Health and Medical Programs Campaign.  The website to donate is Donations for capital campaigns can be made over a multi-year pledge with monthly, quarterly, or yearly pledge payments.

All donations help in the very important effort of reaching the goal. For questions or more information, anyone can call the Memorial Foundation, at 509-576-5794.

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