Excitement is brewing because the Seattle Seahawks have just announced their new football schedule for the 2024-2025 game season.

Under Coach Pete Carroll and the Legion of Boom, the Seahawks took home the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2013 when they became Super Bowl XLVIII champions.

I miss those good old days!

This past year, the Seahawks was THISCLOSE to making it to the NFC playoffs, but we got stomped out of the running by rules, more rules, and something, something about wild-card games.

Game On! Seahawks Release Their Exciting New 2024-25 Schedule
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I may not be well versed in football game lingo, but I do know that the last TWO minutes of any NFL game is what really counts in the end.

The game could go into overtime with a field goal kick that ties the game (see, I have been paying attention), or the team with the greatest edge might run out the field clock.

I also know that the cost a ticket to see the Seahawks play a home game in Seattle is astronomical (well, it is according to my wallet). 

I wonder if I could put a ticket on AfterPay? Do y'all got a LAYAWAY plan, Seattle Seahawks?


My personal financial musings aside, there are many reasons to get excited about the upcoming Seahawks season.

From the just announced upcoming Seahawks season schedule list, the game day that excites me the most so far is:

November 3rd: Los Angeles Rams (because Cooper Kupp is from Yakima, WA, so you gotta show some love for the hometown hero!) The cheap seats start at $180!

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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Two Seattle Seahawks Game dates for you to note:

Thursday Night Football will be on October 10th against the San Francisco 49ers. The cheap seats start at $250!

December 15th is Sunday Night Football, against the Green Bay Packers.

Be on the lookout for Training Camp Season days, including the always funtastic, KIDS DAY!

The Seahawks play at Lumen Field (800 Occidental Ave S) on game day Sundays.

The Seattle Seahawks play at Lumen Field in dowtown Seattle.
Lumen Field via Google Maps

I'm excited to see how the new head coach, Mike Macdonald will be, too!

Seattle Seahawks Rookie Minicamp
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