See what awaits you in this small town that boasts the tallest cowboy sign around!

The town of Lakeview is nestled in Southern Oregon. You'll be about 14 miles from the California border.

Lakeview is called the "Tallest City" in Oregon because of its high elevation (4,800 ft. above sea level). It also has a cool tourist attraction that brings in visitors from all over the world: a very tall cowboy sign.

There's actually three (3) tall cowboys that were built in the 50s as welcome signs to the city.

Lake County Lakeview Tall Cowboy

The Tall Man is now located at the entrance of the county fairgrounds.

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Lakeview is the ancestral homeland of the Northern Paiutes of the Yahuskin tribes.

American colonials showed up in 1870 and settled here.Today, you'll find a small population of families, federal workers, ranch workers, and a small prison population (Warner Creek Correctional Facility).

Check out local hot spots here in Lakeview, and then stop by to see the tallest cowboy sign around. He goes by the name, "Tall Man."

Grab a tasty traditional American breakfast at the Tall Town Cafe & Bakery on 4th Street. It's open every day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (except on holidays).

Tall Town Cafe and Bakery in Lakeview, OR
Tall Town Cafe and Bakery Google Street View


See if you can find some antique treasures at the Rescued Treasures Antiques & Local Treasures on Center St.


Don't worry if you need some groceries; there's a local store and a Safeway in town.


If you're looking for a Victorian historical background on your visit, stop by the Schminck Memorial Museum.

Schminck Memorial Museum Lakeview OR
Schminck Memorial Museum Lakeview OR Google Street View

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