“Life is like a…glass of Diet Coke and Champagne.” - Tom Hanks, probably

Tom Hanks is one lovable guy, just ask any one. He was recently asked about his tipsy behavior at an industry party in Hollywood and he replied that he was drinking something he was calling, “Diet Cokagne”. It seems he had poured a little champagne into his glass of Diet Coke. Soon, word spread about the new Tom Hanks drink, so we wondered which places we could get one of those “Cokagne” drinks in Yakima, with or without the Diet Coke!


If you want to party like Tom Hanks in Yakima, then you need to go to a place that is is known for serving champagne. Our favorite place to get a champagne cocktail before it permanently closed used to be the beloved Gasperetti’s G-Spot Bar. Since its closure, residents in Yakima have been scrambling to find their new favorite places to get their hands on one.

We have five recommendations for where you can get that “Tom Hanks Drink” in Yakima.

1 . Bill’s Place 

206 S 3rd Ave

Ask for a bottle of the Treveri Sparkling Rose with a twist of Diet Coke. ($27)

Champagne Cocktail
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2 . EZ Tiger 

222 E Chestnut Ave

Ask for the “House Bubbles” with a twist of Diet Coke. ($9)

Champagne Cocktail
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3 . Waterfire 

4000 Creekside Loop

Ask for the Sparkling Blanc de Blanc/Rose with a twist of Diet Coke. You can order it by the glass ($12) or the bottle ($40).

Ambitious Creative Co Rick Barrett on Unsplash

4 . Xochimilco 

5110 Tieton Dr, Suite 270

They serve J Vineyards Brut Cuvee Champagne which is more of a dry champagne, and Taittinger Brut La Francaise Champagne which is more of a sweeter one.

Ambitious Creative Co Rick Barret on Unsplash

5 . Ice House Bar 

202 E Yakima Ave

Ask for the Treveri Cellars Rose with a twist of Diet Coke. Served by the glass ($12).

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