If you’re someone who is looking to live in an affordable place in Washington State, WITHOUT sacrificing quality of life, then you’ll want to check out this list of the most affordable Washington towns (according to AD Mortage) that still give you high-quality living.

7 - Walla Walla

Famous for having the best wine region and best wine-tasting room. Walla Walla is affordable while maintaining its small-town charm. You'll enjoy its thriving arts community. It is the oldest incorporated town in Eastern Washington and with that comes the historic architecture. Love food? There are great dining options. In addition to affordable real estate options, take advantage of Walla Walla's lower utility costs.

6 - Wenatchee

I'm biased.

I think Wenatchee should be higher on this list. Amazing foothills surround the Wenatchee Valley. There is a reason why many top tech companies have their server farms here - cheap utility costs. Love the outdoors? It is hard to beat Wenatchee's access to hiking, skiing (Mission Ridge is only 12 miles up the road), running, biking, and boating. The job market is on the up-tick. Wenatchee gives you and your family a high quality of life, while being affordable.

Olympia Washington aerial
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5 - Olympia

Olympia offers the west-of-the-cascades weather, at a much lower cost compared to Seattle or Portland. Enjoy their art scene, and enjoy great places to eat.  You're never far from great places to recreate outside - Like, the Capitol State Forest and South Puget Sound.

4 - Richland

Arguably the best city in the Tri-Cities region, Richland has lots of thriving companies to work at with affordable living. If you’re in the healthcare, education, or engineering field - consider raising your family here in Richland. It’s right on the banks of the Columbia River and gives you plenty of outdoor activities at a budget-friendly cost of living.

Aerial view of Bellingham, Washington
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3 - Bellingham

Bellingham looks out across the Salish Sea at the San Juan Islands. If you prefer a cooler, marine kind of climate, think of Seattle without the higher cost of living prices. It’s a college town, home to Western Washington University which helps provide a thriving arts community. You can enjoy waterfront parks, local breweries, and stunning Mount Baker with its skiing & snowboarding.

2 -  Yakima

Don’t overlook Yakima.  Lots of hard-working ag workers call the Yakima Valley home and love it. This is the heart of the nation’s hop production. It's the home of the Mahre brothers who got Olympic gold while training at nearby White Pass. If you drive anywhere in the  Yakima region, you’ll know it offers picturesque landscapes and affordable housing.  Locals pay low utility costs, which helps you stretch your family's income. Great for weekend camping trips are all-around. 

View of downtown Spokane, Washington
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1 - Spokane

Spokane is the best affordable city. The hub of the Inland Empire gives you a great low cost of living, great affordable housing options, and lots of things to do outdoors and around town with the kids. Spokane’s arts scene has always been top-notch. Being the regional hub also means having top-tier hospitals, top restaurants, and healthcare facilities. All this and you're not far from Gonzaga basketball home games at the Kennel!

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