If you are like me and have a little one who is constantly saying, "Mom, I'm bored!"

Then this is for you.


While I am the parent who believes a child should be bored every once in a while, to learn how to get creative on their own, I also like to have things planned. So, what can we do?

Things to do in Washington State

Social media could be down, or you may just simply be looking for something to do in our great Evergreen state, check out these options!

Gallery Credit: Aly

Skydiving sounds so fun, I have yet to do that, but I would love to. Wanna join?

Maybe you are looking for a romantic getaway (from the kids) adventure... Ever wanted to stay the night in a treehouse?

These Magical Treehouses in Washington Are the Perfect Romantic Getaway

If you're looking to unplug and get away from it all, these beautiful treehouses near Seattle will do the trick. These are just a few of the treehouses you can book at Treehouse Point

Gallery Credit: Paul Drake

Treehouse point looks so dreamy and fantastic! I would die to stay in one of the treehouses, blast from the past for me with growing p with our family tree house. It was equipped with power, bunk beds and the original Nintendo. Pretty sweet.

Now what about Mother Nature? with the winter snow run-off, this is the perfect time to catch waterfalls!

The Top 5 Winter Waterfalls Worth Seeing in Oregon and Washington State

Discover the magic of 5 frozen waterfalls on these winter hikes in Oregon and Washington state.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals


I cannot mention Waterfalls without thinking of TLC (rest in paradise Left Eye) and that's ok! Hahaha blame the millennial in me for it.

So, what have you decided? Waterfalls? Treehouses? Skydiving? We gave you a pretty good list to go off of, but remember, it is OK to be bored sometimes, but there's also something for EVERYONE to do :) .

Wait! how could I forget?! Maybe you wanna go camping!

The 8 Best Places To Go Camping in Washington & Idaho

Thrillist shared a list of the "Best Places To Camp In The Pacific Northwest," out of the 12, eight of them were in Washington and Idaho.

Ok phew, now that I got that list out, GO HAVE FUN! You deserve it :) .


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