I just recently went on a road trip from Cashmere to Seattle and back. While to some, that's an easy daytrip, others, it's a magical view of the evergreen state.

There is no shortage of beauty in Washington State

I mean that. I am originally from the "dry part" of Washington State, Okanogan County, Chelan County... Basically, we WANT it to rain versus the "wet" side of the mountains where they say, "yup, it's raining, AGAIN."

Does not matter which side of the state you are on, welcome to paradise.

What are some cool things about Washington State?

Did you know you can dig for fossils?

The 5 Best Places to Dig for Fossils in Washington State

Ready to unearth some amazing history? Here are the five best places to dig for fossils in Washington State.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

Maybe you want to unwind and do some fishing...

Exploring the 5 Best Fishing Spots in Washington State

Dive into our guide to the best fishing spots in the Pacific Northwest.

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No matter what you choose to do, bring the ENTIRE family!

10 Spring Family Adventures You'll Love In Washington State

Check out these 10 amazing spring break family destinations you'll love in Washington State

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Washington State is a friendly drive, a wonderous sight and full of great people.

Don't sleep on Washington State for your next adventure. From abandon Ghosts towns to seafood on the Puget Sound.

You will never overstay your welcome and there will be smiles on everyone with memories that last a lifetime.

Hungry? Don't forget to fill that belly up!

Roadtrip! 12 Delicious Stops on Your Food Journey Around Beautiful Washington County

If there ever was a competition for "the most beautiful county in New York State," surely Washington County would be near the top. The countryside is gorgeous, there is an abundance of history, and there is a full list of pretty little towns, hamlets, and villages, each of which holds a surprise or two.

May we suggest that you do a food tour of this stunning county? You will not be disappointed!

This gallery is a starters list for you to eat your way around the county. The list includes fine steakhouses, a fun beer and barbecue joint, a diner called "Country Gals," a couple of Italian an pizza places, a cute "car hop" for ice cream, a popular place called Sally's Hen House, and many others.

And don't forget the most heavenly cheesecakes in Upstate New York!

If we missed your favorite eating place in Washington County, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

I recently ate a whole feast of Crab legs freshly caught that day. I mean seriously, the best seafood.

I am Bias, BUT I am not wrong.

From the Seattle Seahawks to your small-town student teams, Washington State is for everyone. And While being from here puts me in a bias stance, prove me wrong, I dare ya :) .

Washington State Passes Needed for Recreational Adventures

From the Federal permits needed to the state passes, we have the master list of all the passes you'll need for recreational adventure in Washington State.

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6 Of Washington State's "Coolest" Streets You Must Visit

Want to check out some "cool" streets in Washington? Seattle, Dayton, and Walla Walla are just a few places you must visit in the Evergreen state.

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45 Famous Alumni from Washington State High Schools

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