Spring is here, summer's around the corner, and road trips are being planned. If you are looking for some interesting things to check out, why not road trip to a creepy ghost town near us?

I grew up near Anatone Washington which could almost be classified as a ghost town. I was a young kid when the school closed down and I had to be bused into Asotin which was about 30 miles away from my foster parent's home at the bottom of the Rattlesnake Grade in Southeastern Washington.

Anatone is so small that it isn't tracked by the US Census but residents take an informal headcount every year resulting in several horses, cows, dogs and cats to be included in the tally. There are several abandoned buildings in town and I love looking at some of the old architecture.

credit: google street view
credit: google street view
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There is a total of 38 people living in Anatone so I'm not sure that counts as a ghost town yet but it's on its way.

I've compiled some ghost towns to check out around Pasco, Washington that might be road trip-worthy.

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There are some honorable mentions like Keystone and Pleasant View but it's tough finding pictures of those long-lost sites. If you have ever wanted to explore all the ghost towns in Washington State, you can check out the entire list here.

Fill up the tank and take a road trip. It would be cool to see some of these long-forgotten places and check out some of the histories of these once-populated towns.

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