Let me start by saying, HOLY CRAP, CHIP PRICES HAVE GONE UP! I knew prices for everything have been on the rise, but man!

I almost didn't buy these, but then I saw the sale, so I picked them up!
I'm glad I did so I could share my review with all of you!

Taste Testing Doritos Legal Review Mumbo Jumbo

As always, here's my little blurb, i.e., the LEGAL C.Y.A.! I'm reviewing these chips with no expectation of compensation in any form by anyone. I purchased these chips (on sale) with my own money. This article is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this or any brand of Tortilla chips or snack foods of any kind.

bag of chips

Taste Test of Doritos Baja Fiery Mango

I opened the bag and got "Baja blasted" with the spicy hot smell.

Then I ate one. This was my first time eating a 'sweet' and 'fruity' chip, which was interesting. I've had Doritos' Spicy Sweet Chili flavor, but these had a much more sugar taste than those (at least to me).

About 7 chips later, the spiciness hit me. It was good and not overpowering.

I thought back to some of the lime-flavored chips, and these were kind of the same but sweeter and better.

I have no regrets about buying these. Are they the best Doritos? No, for my money, those are either the Taco Flavor, Spicy Nacho, or Cool Ranch.


2nd Opinion of Baja Fiery Mango Doritos

Usually, my wife would be my official taste tester, but she is helping other people instead of helping me buy and eat chips (as I said of my sticker shock, she handles that part of our marriage).

So, the first person I ran into at work this morning was my friend/co-worker D-Rez. I told him the name and showed him the bag, and he warned me that he was drunk. (Joking or serious, I stopped asking).

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He immediately smelled the spiciness and, after eating a couple, commented how the "zest taste really comes out!"

"A stoner came up with these, didn't they?" – D-Rez


He enjoyed them but didn't get any hotness. It could be the alcohol; it could be he's immune.

3rd Opinion of Baja Fiery Mango Doritos

Another friend and co-worker, John Riggs, was next to try it. He's helped out with taste testing before.

He went in blind, only knowing that they were new Doritos.

He liked them. He said that eating a sweet chip was weird to him as well, but not bad. He ate a couple more and finally got the spice.

"They're good; I'll finish the bag." – John (talking about the sandwich baggy I brought into work to share).

Nutrition Facts on a bag of chips

So there you have it. I like them better than the specialty summer Doritos from last year (Ketchup, Tangy BBQ, & Mustard flavors). If they weren't on sale, I wouldn't have bought them, and now that I've tried them, I still think I would have passed.

But as with many things in life, taste is subjective. Try them yourself and tell me what you think by sending a message using The App.

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