Even before Thanksgiving, many food drives and charity collections have occurred. I've donated to several of them, as have many of you (I hope). The one thing that has always made me scratch my head is the outcome. How much money was raised? How much food was collected? How many toys will be played with? Etc. Etc. Some fundraisers are awesome at informing the community of the outstanding accomplishments or, sadly, sometimes, how they still need help. Whereas many fundraisers, food drives, and charities forget to release a follow-up. I don't think it's anything nefarious or sneaky, just probably business and the rush, rush, rush to help out and achieve their goal. That's not the case for the Selah Police Department; they just gave us an update on their most recent food drive.

From a post on the Selah Police Department's Facebook Page, we now have an idea of the outcome from Selah's 3rd Annual Food Drive that was held by the Selah Police Department as well as Selah's Fire Department at Wray's Thriftway this past Saturday.

"We are so proud to be part of such a wonderful community. Thank You Selah, for once again being so generous. We held our 3rd Annual Food Drive, Selah Fire Department joined us this year at Selah Wrays this Saturday. We were able to donate 1840 Pounds of food and $1,853.00 in cash to the Selah Food Bank. We will be back next year, this was our last food drive for this year, but anyone can donate all year long to the Selah Food Bank." – Selah Police Department.

The food drive was held in two parts. The above was from the 2nd part (December 3rd). So combined with the first food drive (November 19th), the total raised was $2,316 and 3,140 pounds of food for the Selah food bank.

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That is amazing! Thank you to everyone who helped in collecting and donating. Keep your eyes out for other charity events throughout the Valley, and if you know of one, Tap the App and let us know!

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