Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie on the scene, some rules are basically the same at strip clubs.

Look with your eyes, not your hands!

Bring your money AND your manners!

These are the pretty common ones, but a wise man once said, “Common sense is hardly ever common.

So, what are some other tips you should abide by while visiting one of these clubs?

One Reddit user asked that very question, not looking for education on “Strip Club 101” but more advanced tips, or as the users called it, “Strip Club 202.”

two women and a man partying at a strip club with a word on paper that says "etiquette"

Here are the worth wild tips for Strip Clubs in Washington and Oregon:

*The dancers are there to perform a service, not be in a relationship. If you think they’re “into you,” you are most likely going to be heartbroken.

  • Be careful with getting drinking/smoking weed. Some clubs allow drinking, whereas others do not, BUT are next door to a bar. You don’t want to risk getting so intoxicated that you spend more money than you want, get taken advantage of, or not even remember the experience.


  • Some performers might lie about what the club charges for a VIP experience, so ask the bar manager directly.
  • Washington has a “proximity law,” so no nudity within 6 feet of a customer, i.e., no tip rail. Many say that private dances can be a loophole for this rule. How heavily enforced this rule is depends on who you ask. The bottom line is PERSONAL SPACE

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  • Depending on the club, if it serves alcohol, it’ll be a topless bar; if there’s no alcohol, chances are it can be a fully nude bar.

Alcohol and safety practices in Seattle will be undergoing changes in 2025 based on the new legislature voted on back in March of 2024.

  • Performers are human beings, deserve respect and are doing a service, that you are there to enjoy. Be nice!


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