You've seen the many ways a turkey can explode, whether by dropping it into a deep fryer or even by a redneck using a jet engine to cook it. We've seen it. It's scary, but it also is kind of awesome. Well, something that I never thought would explode, I was able to get it to explode! It sucked and almost ruined my family's Thanksgiving.

This particular year was the first time we hosted a big get-together for my wife's extended family. We were excited; aunts, uncles, and cousins were attending. Even her grandfather made the trek up from Oregon. We even invited our new neighbors over, which was awesome because the son is a pastry chef. Bam! We'll be having an amazing dessert!

Everything was going great; we had the turkey & ham on the table. Potatoes were done, green beans were ready to go, the gravy was simmering, roles were keeping warm in the microwave, the chow mein was ready to go (Japanese in-laws and their non-traditional side dishes), and the dessert was in the freezer. Almost everything was ready to go.

What Could Go Wrong On Thanksgiving?

While my wife was finishing the dishes, she asked me to pull the Pyrex glass casserole dish filled with stuffing out of the oven. I pulled it out, and seeing nowhere to set it down; I put it on the stovetop. A second later, my wife asked me to warm up green beans (sitting on the back burner). Can you say dyslexia? I turned on the wrong burner. Within 3 minutes, we hear a loud pop and glass and stuffing shooting all over the kitchen. This especially sucked since the stuffing is my wife's favorite thing to make (from scratch). Yup, I ruined her favorite thing.

How Could We Salvage Thanksgiving?

Luckily, half the dinner was safe on the table or covered. Even the chow mein was in an "un-exploded" pyrex with a lid, so it was fine. The gravy, potatoes, green beans, and stuffing had to be thrown away because of glass. We were able to remake everything within minutes. We pulled Thanksgiving off. No one got injured, but I learned a valuable lesson about heat, glass, stuffing, and stovetops. They don't mix! Learn from my mistake.

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