Sure, you can spend the money on throw-away gifts. The kind that ANYONE can find at a store the night before Valentine’s Day. But that’s not you. You’re classy; you plan ahead. You know that candy and flowers lose their appeal over time. Surprise your special someone with something a bit personal. Something that is handmade, and someone spent time crafting it.

Heck, get something and then take credit for making it. Most craft vendors don’t mind that, either. In other words, the craft fair season isn’t before Christmas anymore. It’s year long, and they are just about to kick into high gear again, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This weekend (Saturday, January 14th), there will be a Craft Fair/Bazaar at Apple State Power Sports at 1707 N 1st Street in Yakima. Local artisans & vendors will be there selling their goods. Raffle Adam Markus Fund, supporting HOG families in financial need. This event will be happening from 10 am to 2 pm, and breakfast will be served from 10 am to noon.

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Not quite a craft fair per se, but you can expect fun for the whole family, vendors, demonstrations, and entertainment in Pasco at the Hapo Center on January 20th & 21st. It’s the Tri-City Family Expo, and it looks out of this world. For more information, check out, and for a quick overview of what to expect, check the video below.

If you’re the type to wait till the 2nd to last minute, check out the Valentine’s Day & Pre-Spring Bazaar at the Selah Civic Center. Taking place on Saturday, February 4th, from 9 am to 3 pm, expect the goods you know and love from craft fairs & bazaars!

How Can I Join The "Crafting Community"?

Now, I've seen some people state how locations and dates of craft fairs and holiday bazaars are getting harder and harder to find. Or ask how they can get into the crafting game. Luckily there's a local Facebook group called "Yakima Valley Bazaar & Craft Shows". So far, the community of vendors and people who just love to find beautifully handmade treasures have helped fill the calendar for all your holiday shopping needs!

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