Are You Read to Discard Your Real Christmas Tree Yakima Valley?

Camp Prime Time Facebook Page
Camp Prime Time Facebook Page

Anyone who loves to enjoy real Christmas trees also knows the lengths you need to go to when discarding your tree after the season is wrapped up. It's not as easy as just throwing your tree outside for garbage day pick-up but that's where Camp Prime Time comes in with an offer that's hard to refuse and for a great cause.

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Camp Prime Time Wants Your Real Christmas Trees

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Every year beginning on December 26th - January 8th it's your chance to take your completely tinsel, light, and ornament-free tree to Pape Agriculture & Turf (Formally known as Washington Tractor) located at 3110 Fruitvale Blvd in Yakima between 8 am - 5 pm to have it mulched.

What Does It Cost to Drop Off Your Christmas Tree?

Camp Prime Time isn't charging anything for this eco-friendly service but they would absolutely love for you to say hi and provide a donation for their wonderful local organization. Camp Prime Time runs a camp that is focused on giving families with loved ones who have disabilities a place to stay for a weekend of camping and activities with other families going through the same ups and downs. It's a truly magical experience and they are always accepting volunteers.

What Do They Do With the Christmas Trees?

DTG Recycle uses Christmas Tree chips to produce clean, renewable electricity at local biomass energy. The process not only serves to produce renewable energy, it also reduces the amount of construction and demolition waste sent to the landfill. In an average month, DTG produces enough renewable biomass fuel from wood waste to power about 2,200 homes a year

You have until Sunday, January 8th, 2022 at 5 pm to donate your real Christmas Tree to a great cause and if you haven't already you could mark your calendar and make this a yearly tradition!

Camp Prime Time

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