The beloved and famous gas station and grocery store Buc-ee’s is finding its name attached to a recent unsettling scandal.

According to KVUE News, Mitchell Wasek, son of Buc-ee’s co-founder Don Wasek, has been officially charged after allegations of him using hidden spy cameras to record people in his home without consent began to surface.

Back in October of 2023, Wasek was arrested at this family’s lake house in Spicewood, Texas. At the time, the 28-year-old was facing 28 charges of invasive visual recording.

According to the local news station, a few months prior in May two witnesses came forward to the Travis County Office to report the videotaping.

“The witnesses told deputies Mitchell Wasek invited them to the house in May,” KVUE reports. “They said two friends accompanied them and one of those friends, who works in cybersecurity, discovered that a charging port plugged into the wall of their bathroom contained a hidden camera.”

After discovering the camera, the group left the house with the evidence. They uploaded the camera's memory card to find multiple videos of themselves in the bathrooms and bedrooms of the home. Often, in a state of undress.

The affidavit noted that the guests were not aware they were being recorded, therefore they never gave consent to the filming taking place.

Per the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, a grand jury returned six separate indictments against Wasek, and 21 counts of invasive visual recording.

Videos found date back to 2021, and include videos filmed in his condo in Austin, TX, and another address found through Wasek's Amazon purchase history.

In total, 68 videos were found containing at least 13 individuals filmed.

In addition to the reporting, KVUE wrote a piece on how to inform individuals on how to spot a hidden camera.

"You're looking for USB chargers, you're looking for clocks, you're looking for phone charging devices. You've got them in air purifiers, you've got them in WiFi routers," Spy Shop Round Rock owner Jamie Martin said.

Mitchel Wasek is expected in court June 5.

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