Julie Chrisley is educating herself behind bars and teaching others while serving her time at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky.

Julie's daughter, Savannah, emotionally detailed letters from her 51-year-old mom on her Unlocked podcast. In her letters, the former Chrisley Knows Best star recounted that she is teaching a real estate class and is making the most of the limited and outdated resources she has access to during her time. The mom and reality star also mentioned in her letters that she enrolled in many other classes and served as one of the sharks in a jailhouse Shark Tank presentation.

Savanah's mom noted that she attended her own First Step Act classes, which provide inmates with credits for early release. Julie proudly shared in her writings a special moment when many inmates' release dates got moved up due to Julie's FSA course credit program.

The letters also revealed that the 51-year-old reality star had started work and is working from 6AM to 1PM. The reality mom mentioned that she enjoys staying busy with her job.

Savanah's worries came through when she shared her mom's struggles with high blood pressure. She also tearfully mentioned that her mother wrote that she "is worth more dead than alive."

All the letters were written in the early weeks of Julie's sentence.

Julie's husband, Todd Chrisley, is serving his sentence at Federal Medical Center Pensacola in Florida. Julie's and Todd's sentences were both reduced from 19 years to 15 years combined, with Julie serving 5 years and Todd serving 10 years. The couple went to prison after convictions for conspiring to defraud banks to obtain more than $30 million in fraudulent loans, according to CNN.

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Savannah's bravery and boldness in sharing the videos is bringing hope to so many others with family members serving behind bars.

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