Morgan Wallen proved why his name is slotted on the 2024 ACM Entertainer of the Year ballot at the coming awards show. His Thursday night (May 2) performance at Nissan Stadium in Nashville packed the heat and sustained energy any fan would hope for.

The “Whiskey Glasses” singer held his stamina for a whopping 25 songs, including his encore. Taste of Country had boots on the ground during his one of three shows this weekend, and had an upfront view and take on the night as a whole.

Morgan Wallen Literally Brought the Heat in Concert

There were no expenses spared when it came to the visuals of Wallen's live show, which is part of his 2024 One Night at a Time Tour. With a massive rectangular screen that wrapped around the stage, Wallen was also privy to a long catwalk that extended into the crowd, engulfed with smoke and cool synched lighting.

It could have been impressive if his team just had stopped there, but they didn’t. During heftier upbeat songs, flames burst into the air on downbeats, and fireworks danced over Nissan Stadium. Wallen came to serve.

There Was a Vast Array of Ages at Morgan Wallen's Nashville Show

It was surprising to see how large of an age span Wallen caters to. You could find many young children decked out in Wallen paraphernalia, eager to see the show with their parents. At the same time, you could find adults in their late 60s eager to watch the singer perform some of their favorite songs.

What was notably missing was the number of mullets present. Wallen was most physically known for his staple mullet, so much so that when he shaved it late last year, it created a viral frenzy.

Many fans might have followed suit, ditching their mullets and cut-off shirts. It’s interesting to note that over the last several years, Wallen has been sporting more of an elevated streetwear look at his concerts and moving farther away from his previous redneck country attire.

Two Famous Friends Were Present During Viral Walkout

Wallen’s staple Jumbotron walkout moment has become a viral sensation to recreate on social media.

Thursday night, he was joined by friends Theo Von and DeAndre Hopkins. Von is best known as a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host of This Past Weekend. Hopkins is the wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans.

Morgan Wallen's Impressive Song Catalog

Wallen made sure to leave his fans satisfied when it came to his song selection, bringing new songs like “Lies Lies Lies” and old hits to remind fans why they fell in love to begin with, like “Whiskey Glasses.”

What was notable about his set was the intentionality of fans-first. After song nine, he walked through the crowd, high-fiving fans and ending up on a stripped-down stage on the opposite end, guitar in hand. He noted to the fans that with where he is now in his career, he doesn’t get as much of the personality that comes with small shows. This was his way of recreating that.

There, he sang bare-boned versions of "Cover Me Up” (a Jason Isbell cover), “Thought You Should Know,” “Lies Lies Lies” and “Sand in My Boots.” Somehow, Wallen made a sold-out Nissan Stadium feel like we were watching him play in his living room.

Outside of that stage, Wallen was intentional about using the full range of his main stage. He also performed on either side of the main stage.

Which Country Artists Joined Morgan Wallen on Stage in Nashville?

Ernest and Bailey Zimmerman made their way to meet Wallen on the catwalk during his show.

Zimmerman opened for the singer, but came out again in a Titans bomber jacket to bring the energy on “Up Down.”

The crowd leveled up their rowdy roars when Ernest took the stage for the duo's popular “Cowgirls.”

This was one of three shows Wallen will be conducting at Nissan Stadium over Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Morgan Wallen, Nashville Nissan Stadium Set List, May 2, 2024:

1. "Ain’t That Some"
2. "I Wrote the Book"
3. "One Thing at a Time"
4. "Everything I Love"
5. "You Proof"
6. "’98 Braves"
7. "7 Summers"
8. "Sunrise"
9. “Whiskey Friends"
10. “Cover Me Up” (Jason Isbell cover)
11 “Thought You Should Know”
12 "Lies Lies Lies"
13 "Sand in My Boots"
14. "Up Down" (With Bailey Zimmerman)
15 "Cowgirls" (With Ernest)
16 "Chasin' You"
17. "Man Made a Bar"
18. "Heartless"
19. "Wasted on You"
20. "This Bar"
21. "More Than My Hometown"
22. "Whiskey Glasses"
23. "Thinkin’ Bout Me"
24. "Last Night"
25. "The Way I Talk"

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