Ford vs. Chevy, Coke vs. Pepsi, less filling vs. tastes great — there have been many questions debated by fans of NASCAR, but Kevin Harvick may have found one of the tougher questions to ask current drivers.

Harvick had the drivers from Joe Gibbs Racing on his podcast Kevin Harvick's Happy Hour when he asked the guests who was a better driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Chase Elliott?

After the drivers got done squirming at the tough question, all four checked in with an answer of Chase Elliott, landing on his Cup Championship as the tie breaker. Denny Hamlin did point out that it was easier to say Elliott since Dale Jr. no longer competes on the track.

As for the wins and Top 10s, they do favor Earnhardt Jr., even without considering the Cup Championship.

Dale Jr. has 26 wins and 260 top 10's in his career vs. 19 wins and 160 Top 10 finishes for Elliott. Of course, Dale Jr. drove in 631 career races vs. only 302 for Chase.

Both drivers come from racing royalty with Earnhardt carrying his father's name and Elliott becoming part of only the third father-son duo to win a Cup Series Championship. Elliott won it all in 2020 and his father won it in 1988.

Dale Jr. no longer races after retiring as a full-time driver in 2017, but he will be back on TV as an analyst when the new TV deal kicks in with Turner sports in 2025.

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