Rodeo star Spencer Wright and his wife, Kallie, are saying goodbye to their three-year-old son, who has died after a tragic accident.

It's a parent’s worst nightmare, and their current reality.

According to ABC4, on May 21, Levi Wright was found unconscious after driving his toy tractor into a river in Utah.

Just a few days later on May 23, the couple remained hopeful as their little one woke up from his coma. It was only a brief celebration, as the MRIs in the days that followed would confirm the reality of their son’s brain damage.

“I know you're all praying for a miracle, we are too but make no mistake..... many miracles have already surrounded us during this tragedy,” Kallie writes on Facebook. “Many of you gained perspective on what truly matters in this world, many of you connected with God again & felt his presence, many of you came together to create & witness magic as a community.”

Her latest post comes with heartbreaking news.

“After several sleepless nights, lots of research, multiple conversations with the world's best neurologists & millions of prayers we are here in the face of our biggest fear,” she writes. “Levi showed us just enough to buy us time for all of this.”

She writes that although her and her husband wish the outcome was to have their little boy back, the time Levi stayed alive was to allow his parents to grieve.

“During this time he brought out humanity across the nation, he dropped so many to their knees & reminded them what truly matters in this world. It kind of gives that T-rex strength a whole new meaning, doesn't it?”

Then, she paints a visual that is heart-wrenching.

“Here soon I'll climb into bed with my baby and hold him as he falls asleep for the last time on this earth. I find comfort in knowing he will be restored to the perfect little boy he was & have the ability to do all the things he loves! I know there are Angels up there waiting to hold him until I can again! We will miss him every second of every day down here but feel without unwavering doubt this is the best thing we can do for him!”

She notes that through it all, the couple has leaned on each other.

“I can say this in full confidence, I could not do this without him. I already knew we made a hell of a team but this is showing how strong we really are together. If we didn't have each other then you could worry, but we have who we really need by our sides!”

Family friend Mindy Sue Clark confirmed that Levi died on June 2 in a post to Facebook.

A benefit auction has been created in honor of Levi.

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