With four young daughters under eight years old, Thomas Rhett needs a big vehicle to cart his family around.

However, the singer is no minivan dad; he’s a cool dad.

“We drive a Jeep Wagoneer,” the singer told Taste of Country ahead of the ACM Awards on May 16. “The long one."

“We had the normal Wagoneer, and then when we went on road trips, we couldn’t fit anything in the trunk. So, now we can fit all four [kids], and luggage, and dogs.”

Outside of road trip luggage, it sounds like Rhett needs the extra space for all the sports his girls are into.

“What are we not into is the question,” Rhett said with a smile. “They are playing golf, they are riding horses, they are doing dance, taking hip hop, they’re doing softball, basketball. We are literally a driver service…we are chauffeurs.”

With that many activities, we asked if there was one Rhett was particularly enjoying watching his daughters play.

“My dream would be to watch Willa Gray go play golf in college,” he shared. “But, she can do whatever she wants! I got her a golf set for her eighth birthday and took her to the range. It was one of the coolest dad moments.”

With four under eight, Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, might not be done having kids.

"We have come up for air. We are going to let the air ride for a little bit longer,” he told Taste of Country. “I haven't ruled it out."

They are currently in the stage of all their little ones out of diapers, and can breathe a little bit now.

“Brushing teeth and bathing on their own are two things I was like, 'I won’t be sad when this goes away,'” Rhett shared. “I probably will when they turn like 15, miss the baby phase, but brushing teeth and bathing are two things I’m excited to not do any more.”

They might need a sprinter van when the day comes if they choose to continue to grow their family.

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