The talk about AI tools is everywhere. The technology seems interesting and perhaps even like the ideal way to reduce your workload. The question is, though, how can a small business like yours actually find benefit in AI tools without having to manage a huge learning curve with time that’s already limited?

AI for small businesses can be very effective if you know which tools to use, how to use them, and what to automate throughout the process. Whether you’re an attorney, plumber, or HVAC company, don’t push off incorporating AI tools for small business, but learn how to make the best decisions to avoid the hype and create a strong return on your investment.

What Can AI Tools Do for Small Business?

Depending on the specific type of application you use and your pain points, you may find that AI tools can help your business in multiple ways, including:

  • Creating better interaction and engagement with customers
  • Supporting customer needs more seamlessly (and often faster)
  • Automate tasks that take you too much time to do without producing the results you need
  • Handling marketing tasks that are often too time-consuming to dedicate enough effort to for the best results
  • Reduce costs and boost profitability within your business

Here’s another core reason to incorporate AI for small business: If you’re not, you’re behind your competition. A survey reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shares that 93% of small businesses plan to utilize AI and other tech platforms this year, making it clear that it’s time to zero in on how to adopt these technologies for your own business.

AI for Small Business Marketing

Let’s zero in on how AI tools for small business marketing are changing the game. Whether it comes to web design or business listings, marketing is a critical component of building a successful business. Tools like the following aim to streamline that process.

This tool helps to improve the effectiveness of the content you’re using for marketing. It can help you with blog post development, product descriptions, and even social ad creation (or improvement). It uses data-back insights to accomplish this and can integrate within your customer management software (CMS).


For those handling some of their SEO in-house, MarketMuse is a good option for automating content audits, completing a domain analysis, and carefully analyzing traffic projections. It can help you with page-level insights and give you information on how well your SEO strategies for small business are working (or may not be!)

Crystal Knows

This AI tool for small business helps with personality and messaging. It aids in the creation of customized messages that cater to the needs of your clients. It detects behavior patterns by using available data and can integrate into email. Use it to create customized outreach messages that resonate with your customers in a meaningful way.


As you may know, ChatGPT is a tool that allows you to capture information and respond in a meaningful way. In our overview of ChatGPT for businesses, we learned that it can:

  • Create chats with people to answer questions
  • Gather information from various sources
  • Answer your own questions
  • Deliver better answers to your clients
  • Gather data to help you with decision-making


This AI powered tool is an excellent choice for those who are writing their own emails and want to see improvements in open rates. With Phrasee, you have a system that will generate subject lines for you, create the body text, and even handle things like email marketing campaigns for your business. Email marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy, but improving engagement opportunities isn’t easy for those with limited time. This tool offers some nice features that make that possible.

What Do You Want AI Tools for Small Business to Do for You?

AI for small business marketing can be fascinating. Knowing how to take these tools and apply them to your business isn’t easy. Consider the following common marketing struggles small businesses have and some tools that could help.

  • Need help tracking customer feedback and sentiment quickly? Choose Brand24 to help you.
  • Want to connect with influencers to boost your social media campaign success? Check out Influencity.
  • Need help creating social media posts? Consider Jasper.
  • Need help optimizing ad campaigns and ROI? Check out Trellis.
  • Want to automate tasks to save time while still marketing your business? Think about Zapier.

These are just some of the AI tools small business owners can consider using. Keep in mind that you still have to learn how to use these tools and incorporate them into your business. More so, there could be costs associated with each service you select. For that reason, you may want a bit of help with the entire process.

How Townsquare Interactive’s Business Management Platform Makes It Easy to Automate

There are certainly a lot of AI tools for small business out there, and many of them are quite fascinating to use. Yet, that takes time. With Townsquare Interactive’s business management platform, you can streamline and automate many of those tasks taking up too much of your time. It can help you with:

  • Automating many tasks
  • Create and manage email campaigns with ease
  • Set up appointment reminders for your customers so you stop wasting time waiting around
  • Establish payment reminders without having to manually handle these tasks

By working with Townsquare, business owners have a dedicated relationship manager who can provide expert advice on using AI and optimizing these features for them. You’ve seen the power that AI can provide, but putting that into practice can often seem challenging without such a resourceful tool to support the process.

Start with learning more about Townsquare Interactive and our tools and resources. What you’ll find is that it can put your business far ahead of the competition by incorporating actually useful and time-saving tools to build your business without eliminating your time. Learn more about what Townsquare Interactive can do to enhance AI small business tools for your company.

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