You just never know how a songwriter will find inspiration to write a new song. And in the case of Jake Owen, his latest flash came on Monday night (Jan. 6) while he was watching the addictive reality dating show The Bachelor.

On Thursday night (Jan. 9), he shared the song that he was inspired to write with the world.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah, it was just Alabama Hannah everywhere,” Owen explains in a video posted on his Twitter page. “She won’t go away.”

Brown did, in fact, show up on the season premiere of The Bachelor, seemingly eager to see if there was anything left of the love affair she once had with now-Bachelor Peter Weber. And in true Bachelor fashion, Monday’s episode was definitely a cliffhanger.

But make no mistake, Owen doesn’t intend this song to be a dig at the Bachelorette star.

“Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of The Bachelorette, I played ‘Made for You’ for them in I think it was like Rhode Island or something," he explains. "She’s a cool girl. This is not even a dig at the actual Alabama Hannah.”

He then goes on to share the song, which includes lyrics such as 'Alabama Hannah, what do you want? / If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone,” the song begins. “You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone. / Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.'

Brown also headed to her Twitter page Thursday night (Jan. 9) to express her opinion on the song.

“Well, this is one way to get a song written about you,” she wrote. “This is some catchy shade @jakeowen.”

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