Jake Owen filled the Flamingo Cocktail Club in Nashville with positive energy on Tuesday (March 12) during a preview of his new album, Greetings... From Jake

As specialty drinks relating to various songs on the album were passed around a packed room, Owen introduced the new project, saying the title defines his career as a journey — each song is a reflection of his current mindset while setting the stage for the future.

Greetings... From Jake is comprised of feel-good anthems like "Ain't Here to Talk," a traditional-style song that relies on clever wordplay and was made for a dancehall. The reggae-infused "Grass Is Always Greener" kept energy high in the room. Owen introduced the song by telling the story of how he landed Kid Rock for the duet after they met at Topgolf in Nashville and bonded over a mutual love of pickleball. "Drink All Day," which is the album's next single, is equally as catchy, while the spirited "Homemade" is a celebration of the elements of home that shape our identities.

"A lot of the songs on this record are about life, too, and this song definitely hits home for me. We're all homemade in a way or another," he preluded.

While much attention was placed on the music, Owen heaped praise onto the album's many songwriters, several of whom were in the audience. The superstar has been collecting songs for more than a decade, and one he's long harbored a passion for is "Mexico in Our Minds," co-written by Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three, Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano. Johnston played the song for Owen when the Cadillac Three went on the road with him for the Days of Gold Tour in 2014, and he was instantly taken by it and included it in his live set, knowing he'd find the right time to record it for an album.

"When an artist falls in love with a song, he or she will never forget it," Owen shared, noting the patience that comes with songwriting.

He also performed live acoustic renditions of the album's two ballads, "In It" and "Made for You." Both showed off his refined vocals, but the latter was particularly intimate. Owen's personal story includes a divorce from his ex-wife Lacey Buchanan, with whom he has a daughter, and what it meant to find love in the aftermath with girlfriend Erica Hartlein. The couple is expecting another baby girl in the spring.

"This song hit me at the right time because having a child before and getting divorced and going through all that and wondering what love's all about, this song is about being made for somebody, and I definitely feel that Erica and I are made for each other," Owen said. "I think it's a powerful song about life and love." While previous tracks had the audience moving to the lively beats, "Made For You" brought the room to a standstill, the audience transfixed as the message of the song emanated.

Owen has come into his own with Greetings... From Jake, while staying in the lane of free-spirited, airy songs that turned him into a star.

"This is our record," he concluded, acknowledging the many people who helped bring the anticipated project to fruition. "I'm so proud to share it with so many people."

Greetings... From Jake is set for release on March 29.

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