Country star James Otto is headed to Yakima for a great show tomorrow at the Seasons Performance Hall starting at 7 p.m. Meantime, I thought it would be great to feature five James Otto tracks that I think really shine and will whet your appetite for the show.

  • 1

    Groovy Little Summer Song

    A slow, sweet groove that doesn't compromise on the great steel guitar work. A great slow dance song anytime of the year, not just for summer.

  • 2

    These Are The Good Ole Days

    Released in 2009, this Otto tune jams with a killer chorus line and some great imagery in the video. As James says -- these are the good ol' days!

  • 3

    Soldiers and Jesus

    A wonderful tribute for our soldiers and service people. James' heartfelt lyrics resonate and give you goosebumps after one listen.

  • 4

    For You

    James writes heartbreaking songs, and this song will bring you to near tears as his emotional plea goes unheard.

  • 5

    Just Got Started Lovin' You

    James Otto's No. 1 smash has to make the list as he catapulted this into the top spot on 2008. A fun, sexy tune that is perfect when the windows are rolled down and the sun is shining.

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