Jason Aldean's real name and the job he hoped to land as a boy growing up in Georgia are two facts you'll need to know to score well on this Jason Aldean trivia quiz. It gets harder after that.

It also gets a little more awkward. One of the questions tests your knowledge on the singer's close friendship with Luke Bryan. There are no secrets on tour, it seems. Sorry for ya, Luke!

Aldean has 22 No. 1 airplay hits (per Billboard) and nine studio albums across a 15-year career as a Nashville hitmaker. He came close to quitting — in fact, he was ready to move his family back home when his record label, Broken Bow Records, came calling. Would he have kept doing what he was doing to feed his growing family?

It seems likely, but we won't spoil it for you. Longtime fans of Aldean's should get five or all six questions right. Newer fans can be forgiven for only knowing three — there is nothing, after all, about wife Brittany or his youngest children. Instead, this country music trivia video focuses on Aldean's early life, early career and his music, including which country group nearly poached one of his greatest hits.

Are you the ultimate Jason Aldean fan? Find out:

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