Jo Dee Messina was diagnosed with cancer last September, and the 47-year-old singer has admitted the ordeal has seriously tested her faith.

For those who are wondering how she is getting along, Messina's team updated fans with news of her condition via a Facebook post on March 29. Thankfully, it appears that things are looking up for the singer, health-wise; and that she is creating new music that helps to explain the challenges she's been through.

"We are happy to report that she is feeling well and has kicked off her 2018 shows. She has also been in the studio writing and recording new music," the post reads. "That new music speaks directly to where Jo Dee's heart was during a tumultuous summer and where it remains today—a place of gratitude for an unconditional, real, and faithful love.

"In the midst of health, personal life, and financial struggles, at a time when she felt as though the waves were crashing down around her, Jo Dee's heart was moved to focus on the enormity of God. Casting away the chaos and confusion, she praised and worshiped Him, and from that place came a song of which she is incredibly proud.

"It is so easy to focus on the hard times; to center our minds on the negative; to allow the good to be blurred by the bad. While faced with hard times, negative, and the bad, Jo Dee put pen to paper," concluded the post, noting that the special song will be coming soon and fans should stay tuned.

Messina's career started in the mid-90s and included No. 1 hits like "Bye, Bye" and "I'm Alright," plus a duet with Tim McGraw called "Bring on the Rain" and her final hit, "My Give a Damn's Busted" from 2005. Her last studio album was Me, released in 2014.

Messina has young two sons, 8-year-old Noah and 5-year-old Jonah.

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