I made a new friend a few weeks ago, who is retired. She keeps telling me how fantastic it is. So much time for activities like quilting and gardening. I am super excited to reach that portion of life but while I and the rest of us still grinding it out, it's always fun to see the types of jobs available for those of us who are still working to live, not living to work. Did you catch that? We are working to live our lives and being completely consumed by our jobs. It's important to have outside activities but let's be honest. You need to have the job to afford the other so let's dig in shall we?

  1. Virginia Mason Memorial is hiring for a few different positions like an Office Manager in the Cardiology Clinic or a Unit Care Assistant/NAC
  2. Emergency Department Technician at Virginia Mason Memorial
  3. You could become a full-time receptionist at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic
  4. A Medical Receptionist at the Toppenish Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic or a Pharmacy Assistant or a Referred Specialist or even a Data Entry Clerk or Biller and Coder
  5. Interested in Hops? You could become Laboratory Technician for Yakima Chief Ranches
  6. Ross is searching for a full-time Retail Associate
  7. You could begin a career with Yakima Valley College as a Payroll and Benefits Coordinator
  8. Walmart is searching for a backroom/stocker/receiving associate
  9. The Yakima Safeway is searching for a full-time employee that would help keep the shelves stocked
  10. Ace Hardware wants you to join their team if a job as a cashier has been on your list. You could learn all kinds of cool stuff I bet about fixing things

If you know of more jobs please don't hesitate to let us know and we will add to the list.

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