It all started as a town's tribute to a hometown hero, but this silhouette of Johnny Cash quickly became a hilarious problem thanks to one vandal with impressive aim.

Kingsland, Ark. — a tiny town with a population of under 500 — was hoping to celebrate the Man in Black, who was born there, by painting a silhouetted image of the country legend and a red guitar on the side of its water tower. But things got complicated after a vandal decided to shoot a perfectly placed bullet at the image of Cash, creating a leak that makes it look like he's urinating.

The results might be humorous, but it's posing a real problem for the town, as the water tank has now been losing close to 30,000 gallons of water every day for over a week, Fox News reports. That means that the town is losing approximately $200 in water each day, and the work to repair the leak will cost nearly $5,000.

"It might seem small in bigger places, but for somewhere like here, it's a pretty large number," says Kingsland mayor Luke Neal.

While the shooter is still at large, the local sheriff's office indicates that it does have some leads in the mystery of who shot Johnny Cash. When the vandal is found out, he or she could face a felony charge. Meanwhile, the repair will inconvenience the town's residents, too: Fixing the leak will affect the color of locals' tap water, and the repair job could cause changes in water pressure, too.

See Pictures of Johnny Cash's Lavish Lakefront Estate:

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