The 'selfie' trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon and now there is actually an entire day dedicated to celebrating the social media phenomenon.

Wednesday, June 21 has been deemed 'National Selfie Day' where we can all justifiably be self-absorbed together!

According to a recent survey taken by the folks at U.S. Cellular, 71% of wireless device users keep themselves entertained by taking photos and posting (67%) them on social media.

They offer these tips for taking the perfect selfie:

  • Get a smartphone with a good quality camera. When it comes to mobile devices, not all cameras are equal. Some older models don't have front-facing cameras, which are key for successful selfies.
  • Use the right light. Selfie-takers should avoid fluorescent lights and instead opt for natural, indirect light (outside or near a window) and be sure the light is coming from behind. The best lighting is the golden hour before sunset – that natural glow can’t be beat.
  • Work the angles. Experiment with different camera angles by tilting the device slightly off center and sideways to find the “good side” of their face. While it may seem unnatural at first, selfie pros recommend leaning one’s head to one side or, alternatively, angling the camera.  A selfie taken at an angle is almost always more flattering than one taken straight on.
  • Use apps. There are many helpful apps that can improve selfies, enhancing the contrasts, smoothing skin, and embellishing them with cool edits and designs. One such app is Perfect 365, a virtual makeup app, allows users to improve their complexion, hide imperfections, add blush, mascara and other cosmetics virtually. Experiment with different app options and see which is best.
  • Crop before posting. Selfie-takers should remember that for a perfect “photo finish,” they should pay attention to what’s happening behind them to avoid any awkward backgrounds.
  • Post your selfie below and we will post it on our website!

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