Fans were pretty upset that the Grammys misspelled Kacey Musgraves' name to start the 2019 CBS broadcast. The awards show wasn't alone, however.

People was one of the first to point out the gaffe, noting that by the time she won her Country Album of the Year Grammy, they'd figured it out.

A quick Twitter search of "Kasey Musgraves" finds dozens of fans, a few people who don't get her appeal and several news and media outlets replacing the "C" with an "S." Too Fab, Knoxville's WVLT-TV and Charlotte's 96.9 The Kat all slipped up.

Our favorite is the Hollywood Reporter, who replaced the "K" that starts her name with a "C."


It's difficult to imagine Musgraves minding or even paying attention after a great night. In addition to her televised win for Best Country Album, she picked up the Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance before the show, performed a song called "Rainbow" and was named one of our Best Dressed artists (see the full list below).

There was little disagreement on how to spell Golden Hour, her winning album. That project promises to have a great sales week. In fact, within moments of her win, her record label MCA pushed "Rainbow" for immediate airplay as her new single. It's the first hard push the label has made to promote one of her songs from the critically-acclaimed album to radio.

The 30-year-old said during the Grammys that new husband Ruston Kelly is to thank for making the album so strong. Prior to the 2018 CMA Awards, she told Taste of Country how she changed her formula to make the album.

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