Kane Brown is ready to share his journey from average Joe to superstar with his new Amazon Music mini-documentary, Velocity.

The documentary will also focus on Brown's January 2020 sold-out concert at the Staples Center. Brown is only the 11th country music artist to sell out the venue ever. In the trailer, see clips of Brown getting ready for his show as his manager, Martha Earls, comments that the concert sold out in just 90 minutes.

"I would just sing covers and put them on Facebook, never thinking a record label would hit me up or anything," Brown says in the trailer, reflecting on his rise to stardom. "I was just hoping to get followers. I went to sleep one night and woke up and it worked magically, I don’t know how."

"He was growing by 20,000 social media followers a day," Earls adds.

Velocity will include conversations from some of the people that are closest to Brown, like his wife, Katelyn, longtime friend and barber CT Kutz, tour manager Nikki Boon and Brown's manager, Martha Earls.

Brown summarizes his rise well when he remarks: "It’s literally a dream come true with everything that happened the way it did."

Along with the mini-documentary, Brown has another treat in store for fans: He will release an Amazon Original Live EP that will feature recordings from his Staples Center concert with the documentary on Feb. 20.

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