Try as she might, it's not likely that Katy Perry will convince fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan to alter his country way of life.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Idol judges Bryan, Perry and Lionel Richie sat down to chat about the show. While they all respect the differing backgrounds and experiences each judge brings to the table, that doesn't mean they shy away from sharing their cultures with each other.

Such as? Well, maybe Perry trying to get Bryan to cross over to her world of healthy eating.

"They get me here out in L.A. and they're like 'We gotta get you a skin treatment, gotta get you on vitamins,'" Bryan relays. Perry reacts by explaining how she comes to the set each day with bottles of pressed juices or bone broth, much to Bryan's confusion.

"I'm like, 'Honey, you need to start taking vitamins and not so much Metamucil. Mucinex and Metamucil are not going to do the trick,'" Perry notes, drawing a laugh out of her co-stars.

However, it sounds as if Bryan has no plans to convert to the L.A. lifestyle. A recent trip to Oregon to film an AI segment put Bryan right back in his happy place, as one shot found them out in the country surrounded by horses. "I'm in my element," Bryan says assuredly.

It seems as though his fellow panelists didn't adapt to the environment as well as he did, though; Perry contracting hay fever while Richie's throat closed up.

American Idol's 18th season began airing on Sunday (Feb. 16).

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