Keith Urban promised he'd bring wife Nicole Kidman to the 2018 ARIA Awards. The actress didn't play a guitar solo, but she did get involved in the host's monologue, unintentionally.

Urban led a three-minute opening to Wednesday night's (Nov. 28) awards in Sydney, Australia. He thanked the locals and offered advice for the winners. "The trophies are very sharp," he starts. "I'm not necessarily saying they're the biggest pricks in the room, but they're damn close."

Find the full ARIA monologue below. It starts with Urban calling out his wife in the front row, and that apparently was enough to make her blush:

Prior to the show the couple walked the red carpet, with Urban wearing his usual jacket over a T-shirt and Kidman a sleeveless, cream-colored fringe top over slimming champagne slacks. Her niece joined them for a few photos and watched the show alongside the actress.

The two are very close, especially after the death of the 19-year-old Hawley's father (per MSN). Before the show, Kidman shared a picture of the two on Instagram. Many have commented on how much they look alike.

Keith and Nicole Singing Together Is Precious

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