KELLIE PICKLER was on CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" talking about all the grief heaped on LUKE BRYAN for using his hand as a cheat sheet while singing the National Anthem at Tuesday's All-Star game.

Kellie . . . who nailed "God Bless America" earlier that night . . . was asked if she's ever written down lyrics to help her through a similar situation.

She said, quote, "I've never written the lyrics on my hands but I know that there's teleprompters and stuff at different sporting events for people that sing the anthem . . . and he's a great guy and, so what?

"He sung his butt off and it was all about the game and having a good time.  People need to quit being mean."

It never occurred to me that teleprompters are provided for such events . . . but it makes perfect sense.  It also makes you wonder why the singers who are nervous about performing don't take advantage.