Kellogg's is known to blow minds when it comes to new treats for breakfast in the form of cereal, their classic Pop-Tarts and other fun snacks and breakfast items. Kellogg's just announced they're bringing the classic cereal Apple Jacks to a Pop-Tarts variety. You can find these on store shelves as soon as March.

This isn't the first time a popular Kellogg's cereal has been found as a Pop-Tart as we saw Froot Loops Pop-Tarts a couple of years ago. I tried those and, I'm here to say, they were amazing. They tasted just like that iconic Froot-Loop citrus fruit flavor. I'm sure these Apple Jacks ones will be great, too.

from Kellogg's PR team:

Introducing NEW Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts, an iconic breakfast collab that creates an on-the-go cereal experience when a bowl and spoon are not readily available. Complete with green and orange-sprinkled frosting, this cereal-pastry hybrid packs the apple-cinnamon taste of Apple Jacks into a delicious toaster pastry.

Find these on store shelves starting in March with a nationwide rollout in April. You'll find the 8-pack most places with the 16-pack being a Walmart exclusive.

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