Maybe you have friends and family who have never been to Yakima.

Perhaps you're interested in hiring a perfect job candidate from out of the area, who has either heard the worst or perhaps just doesn't know anything about Yakima. This video is a must-see.

KING 5 TV in Seattle Features The Yakima Valley on an Episode of 'Evening'

Seattle's legendary KING 5 TV features an evening magazine-style show called, well, Evening. It's a very well-produced program that always has some very interesting and often fun information of a local and regional nature. It was a show I got hooked on when I lived in Seattle a few years back.

As good as the show was, I couldn't take the rain and moved back to the sunny side of the state. An episode of Evening features the Yakima Valley and it's extremely well-done by the hosts and crew. If you have family and friends who don't live here and know what we locals know, this video is a must for them to see.

Local Yakima Area Businesses Featured in 30-Minute News Magazine in Seattle says:

We were thrilled to host KING 5 Evening here in the Yakima Valley. Check out their fabulous feature all about what to do, see, eat and drink here in our beautiful corner of the world!


Some of the incredible local businesses and people who make the Yakima Valley proud helped participate in the telling of our valley's story. Shout out to Red's Fly Shop, Canyon River Grill, Girls with Grit, Treveri Cellars, Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Single Hill Brewing Company, Freehand Cellars, 5 Salsas, Crafted, Washington Fruit Place, Los Hernandez Tamales, and Mighty Tieton. A big salute to Mother Nature for offering up some of our state's very best spots.

Yakima Valley Special - Full Episode - KING 5 Evening

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