Kris Jones has been making waves online with his viral song covers, most notably Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey." Now, the dad has shared his own original music with fans.

In addition to "Tennesse Whiskey," he's drawn fans with covers of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic "Simple Man" and the R&B classic "Stand by Me." In a video uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 9, Jones says that he's been trying to write a song about his life.

"I've been thinking of a song that really describes my life, one that translates to you guys," he says in a two-minute clip. "I'm writing it right now. This is the story of my life and I really want you guys to hear it."

Filmed while on his current job fixing up a home's electricity, the singer belts a few of the lines he has written down.

"I've been a drinker, I've been a fighter /  I've been a lover, oh, and I've been a fool /  I've been a preacher, oh, a good word seeker /  I've been a sinner with a whole lot to lose /  I've been on these back roads tryin' to find my place here / I thought I'd die lonely until I found you," he sings in the soulful tone that has taken the internet by storm.

Watch Jones' complete performance in the video above.

Jones is a 38-year-old father of three from Alvarado, Texas. His 15-year-old daughter shares the spotlight with her dad in his first viral video. She is one of three kids Jones shares with his wife, Destinie. Jones grew up singing gospel music in church with dreams of being a musician but put that career on hold to provide for his family. He previously auditioned for The Voice but was turned away.

His sudden viral fame has had many fans asking, "Who is Kris Jones?" Taste of Country recently did some digging, and came up with some answers about Jones' past, as well as what he might do in the future.

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