Raise your hands if you're old enough to remember watching Kristi Yamaguchi win the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics?

I was a kid in middle school and high school watching Kristi's epic ice skating moves on television. (This was back when cable tv was still inside a BOX!) She was my favorite Olympian!

Congratulations to Kristi for making history (herstory) as the newest Barbie!

Kristi Yamaguchi Makes History As the Newest Barbie Doll
Phillip Faraone Getty Images for Gold Meets Golden/creations.mattel.com

ABC News reported on Yamaguchi's special honor. The makers of Barbie dolls wanted to give honor to her during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month coming up starting May 1st. How cool is that!

The new Barbie will highlight the costume that Kristi wore when she won the American gold at the Olympics.


If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these cool collector items in Washington state, Oregon, or Kristi's home state of California, we can find the new Kristi Yamaguchi Barbie at Mattel Collections, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. It costs around 35 bucks.

The Kristi Yamaguchi Barbie is ready for pre-orders only and should start arriving this August.

Kristi Yamaguchi Barbie Flex
Kristi Yamaguchi Barbie, creations.mattel.com


Kristi has been keeping busy writing children's books, ballroom dancing, doing philanthropy work, starring in a fitness video, and raising two kids.

Many kudos to Kristi Yamaguchi, not just for all of her good deeds, but also for cementing her place in history as the first ever Asian American to win the big gold medal at the Olympics!

FUN FACT: Kristi, born in Fremont, Calif., took up ice skating at age 4 after she was diagnosed with a club foot. Shout out to her mom, Carole, for driving her to and fro to all those practice sessions at their local skating rink!

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