And we have a winner!

Larissa Leon of Sunnyside, Washington has taken the TOP prize for this year's Duck Tape Competition #stuckatprom. There was a female and male category and we'd encouraged everyone to vote daily once she secured her spot in the top five. One of my favorite parts of interviewing this talented young lady was how humble she is.

"Even if I don't make it in the top five, keep voting every day because everyone is so talented and deserving of a scholarship!" ~ Larissa Leon



Um, yes! The obsession with Duck Tape creations has been a long one. Once the bright colors and patterns began showing up Larissa was inspired to create all kinds of things like wallets, purses, backpacks, and even a mermaid fin that she would use in the pool. She was also aware of a contest that took place for high schoolers yearly, you could compete for a $10,000 scholarship by creating an outfit made entirely out of Duck Tape. She's been waiting for her time and I'm so happy to say that not only did she enter but she has taken the top prize in the female category!

This dress is insane! Completely created out of Duck Tape, the dress is inspired by her love of folkloric dancing. It features a strapless design with lace detail, again ALL created with Duck Tape. There's a lace-up corset and flower details with depth due to the multiple colors and tiny details. She also created a matching purse, earrings, and flowers for her hair. 47 rolls of duck tape and 163 hours well spent to secure her dream! I hope this is only the beginning of her Duck Tape creations while she chooses what next to set her sights on. So proud of you and thank you for representing Washington State and Sunnyside, Washington in such an incredible way!

Larissa Leon's Creation

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