Two Lauren Alaina fans got the surprise of a lifetime while they were playing miniature golf recently. Keleigh Shea and her fiance, Tyler Penn, were on the course staring at a young woman in the parking lot who looked a lot like the singer.

They weren't sure it was Alaina, so they continued playing their game. Minutes later, Alaina—yes, the real one—drove by and decided to say hello. Both Shea and Penn recounted the visit on their Instagram accounts, also sharing with the star.

"I would have to say the coolest part of our night was getting to meet @laurenalaina," Shea writes. "We were playing putt-putt golf and I noticed she looked super familiar so I told Tyler to look and of course we kept staring and contemplating if it was actually her or not. She eventually left and we were kinda bummed we missed the opportunity to meet a famous person!"

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She recalls Penn telling her that the car had turned around, and Lauren Alaina was walking their way. Shea didn't believe him until she saw the "Doin' Fine" singer with her own eyes, right in front of her.

"I laughed and turn around and she says, 'This is going to be really embarrassing if I'm wrong, but were y'all staring at me?' I said, 'Yes! You're Lauren Alaina aren't you!!!' Then she literally jumped that fence to take a picture with us. She is so nice and down to earth!" Shea says.

Alaina has been having a whirlwind month. After receiving her ACM Award from Jon Pardi for New Female Vocalist of the Year, she learned she was nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song with Kane Brown for their duet, "What Ifs."

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