Celebrating the Birth of our nation is filled with traditions from across the country. Some celebrate by eating hot dogs, listening to music, and spending time with their family. Others spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on fireworks.

As years pass fireworks have slowly been outlawed all across Washington State, cities are filled with different slogans trying to make sure you understand the severity of the law. Phrases that stick with you every time you see a firework you think, "if it goes up or blows up it's illegal."

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So how can a family celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks in Washington state, without getting the law involved? Well, if you live on a Native Reservation you should be fine as long as they've okayed the use of fireworks. The only other legal way is to be a certified pyrotechnic for events such as the space needle or emerald downs fire work coordinator. That is unless you live in or know someone who lives in one of these six cities in Washington where it's still legal to set off fireworks.

    Legal Cities to set off Fireworks in Washington

  • North Bend
  • Lakewood
  • Puyallup
  • Sumner
  • Arlington
  • Lake Stevens

If you know of a place or found somewhere it's legal to set off fireworks within Washington state limits, make sure to reach out and let us know. Unless it's a super-secret spot and you're being greedy then we also understand. Tho these places are legal to use fireworks you have to find a safe spot and be sure to have a bucket of water in case of anything going wrong and needing to dispose of fireworks quickly.

Be safe and have a happy Fourth Of July!


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