The band Midland is paving their own way on the country music scene in more ways then one ... it's undeniable that "Drinkin' Problem" and "Make a Little" are going to be staples in the this band's career, and it is also undeniable that they are taking country music back to a more old-school sound. However, can we please for the love of all things that are good talk about what these guys are wearing?

These handsome talented group of young men I think are channeling their dads' style from back in the '80s. From the unbuttoned button-down shirts, gold satin sports jacks to the trucker hats, these guys know how to leave a crowd wondering, what will they wear next?

As I was watching CMT this morning catching up on the countdown, Midland was making a guest appearance -- and as you can see from the third photo, which was taken in my living room, I was seriously confused by the style that was going on. I will be the first to tell you that I am not super fashionable, but come on, fellas! You are wearing track shorts while hosting a countdown -- that has to be a no-no. Then, there is the trucker mustaches and I couldn't help but wonder ... WHY?

Lets us know what you think of Midland's style choice!

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