Now the focus is on November 23 when the general election is certified. On Tuesday the Yakima County Auditor's Office counted the last batch of ballots from the election.

Linde continues to lead the District 3 race

As a result Yakima County Commissioner LaDon Linde continues to lead Autumn Torres now by 87 votes. Auditor Charles Ross says it looks likes there will be recounts in a Toppenish School Board position and in the District 3 Yakima County Commissioner race. However he says none of that work will start until after the election is certified on November 23.

The recounts won't happen until after the holiday and results won't be fast

He says the recount will likely happen after Thanksgiving with the recount expected to be finished in late December. An automatic recount is happens when there's a half a percentage point difference or 0.5%.
All total 40,762 ballots have been counted with voter turnout now sitting at 32%.
127,362 were issued to registered voters for the general election. So far the auditors office has counted 40,762 ballots.

Only a handful of ballots remain

About 140 ballots remain that are unsigned or have other problems. The Yakima County canvassing board will meet on November 22 to review the ballots.

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