This holiday season, the country-singing men of LoCash are weighing the options on one particular children's Christmas present.

The problem is, the duo doesn't seem convinced the gift is kid-friendly enough to be given to the young son of Chris Lucas, one half of the act formerly known as the LoCash Cowboys. Of course, that doesn't mean that Preston Brust, his foil in the Nashville-based twosome, won't up and buy it for the boy anyway.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights ahead of the 2019 CMA Awards last month, both singers got quizzed on the toys their respective kids had put on their Christmas wish lists this year. Gifts for Lucas' baby girl might be natural this go-round, but it's his son's desired present that's causing an issue.

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"Well, my 9-year-old wants that virtual reality thing," Lucas explains. "But I read about it, and it's not recommended for kids under 12. So I'm thinking no. But everything else is Frozen again. Frozen 2 now, for the little girls."

Amiably, Brust tosses an amusing wrench into that scenario. As the young man's godfather, the musician quips that he'll be the one to buy the lofty gift for the lad when all is said and done.

"I'll probably end up buying the virtual reality thing for his son," Brust counters before joking about another gift that's not entirely age-appropriate. "That's what the godfather does, break all the rules! I'll throw in a six-pack of beer."

What Lucas' little boy wants is probably an Oculus VR headset, most likely the Oculus Quest that was first released last year. Indeed, according to Business Insider, the headset isn't recommended for children under the age of 13.

Still, the kid "really, really wants that," Lucas adds.

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