It's a new year and love is in the air! In fact, according to, most extramarital affairs start this week. Probably not the kind of love you want to be involved in if you plan on staying married in 2016, though. It's also not the kind of love that will last if you are the one who's not married in that relationship. Just more heartbreak all the way around.

With all that said it's increasingly difficult to find true love and commitment in a divorce-prone world. It's even tougher when you have a child, because now you're trying to find a new squeeze who will love your kids, and that's if they even get to meet them. Nothing is worse than introducing someone to your little one -- especially if they get attached -- only for the relationship not to work out.

So how do you get the right kinds of guys to notice you? Just use this interactive Cefus guide to relational success in 2016.


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