You don’t need a late afternoon cup of coffee to get you through a long work day. Just turn up Lucas Hoge’s new song, ‘Do What Makes You Feel Good.’ The ready-made smile surfs along a funky Caribbean guitar riff, providing a three minute-long (and some change) vacation. 

Hoge sings about the importance of finding your seed and sowing it with frequency. For him, it’s fishing. For you, perhaps it’s riding a Harley or gardening. The country newcomer shows natural confidence as he sells his message. His vocal olympics near the end are like extra gravy. At first, you’re unsure if you should but… ah, heck — no one is watching. Sing along with him!

It’s your life / Just a few trips around the sun baby / It’s not a long ride / So grab ahold and run / And take your time / So you can get it right / You really should / Do what makes you feel good,” Hoge sings during the chorus of ‘Do What Makes You Feel Good.’

He begins the song by telling his story:

My idea of a real good is walking out the back door and castin’ a line in the water / And I don’t care the fish don’t bite / I’ll sit all day and into the night because I wanna / It may not sound like fun to you / But figure out just what it is / That’s gonna get you through.”

Sharp production helps define Hoge’s lyrics, making it easy to remember the words after just one listen. It’s too easy to imagine his fans singing this song back to him from some honkytonk or state fair. It should be the highlight of his shows for years to come.

Listen to Lucas Hoge, ‘Do What Makes You Feel Good’