Luke Bryan is having some prank-filled fun with his family while locked down in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. And that includes startling his wife, Caroline, in a very big way — with his truck's booming train horn.

The country singer and American Idol judge gave fans a look at the loud practical joke via his Instagram account. In the brief video clip, Caroline is seen riding her bicycle down a country lane as her "Knockin' Boots"-singing beau creeps up in his truck. It's then that Luke gives viewers the rundown.

"[She's] about to get train-horned, and she doesn't know," Bryan explains as he approaches his bike-riding bride from behind.

Once Luke sounds the vehicle's blaring horn, Caroline wobbles on her two-wheeler before tumbling to the ground. Subsequently, a burst of fitful laughter erupts within the truck.

Caroline's Instagram account shows the aftermath with a video that follows the initial encounter. Seated on the ground following the scare, Bryan asks wife Caroline if she's alright. She responds by jokingly flipping the bird.

"We feel really [bad]," adds another voice in the truck following the prank's outcome.

The horn-induced jolt is just one of the ways the country music couple is weathering COVID-19-related quarantine. But Caroline is also having plenty of fun otherwise. Just last week she stuffed herself into a giant pink balloon as part of a friendly challenge alongside the young singing duo CB30.

After all, the Bryan clan and the two CB30 members are old pals who are now quarantined together, as the burgeoning country twosome's Christian Clementi recently told Taste of Country. ("Luke Bryan is our really good family friend, so we call him Uncle Luke," he jokes.)

With that said, who knows what stunts the conjoined entertainers will think of next.

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